The RED TOKEN ECONOMY PROJECT is an initiative developed by FIDA Corporation in cooperation with Tokyo eSports Gate Corporation. The project endeavors to create an unparalleled entertainment platform radiating from the heart of Tokyo and encompassing both the real and digital worlds -  bringing the playful spirit of Japan to kindred spirits around the world.


The RED TOKEN is the official token that will power the RED TOKEN ECONOMY.  The Token will give access to experiences and activities in the RED Metaverse plus the chance to participate in related events at RED TOKYO TOWER and other RED facilities.

Download the White Paper for more information.


RED SQUAD is an all-new transmedia property that will embody the playful spirit of Japan and bring it to life on the RED platfrom. RED SQUAD is produced by Ryoichi Wada, creator of the animated series NINJAMASX, and original story author of One Cut of the Dead.

Inspired by the Japanese fairy tale Princess Kaguya, RED SQUAD tells the story of a conflict taking place on the moon between the moon’s citizens and an army of invading giants. The RED° SQUAD, a team of five heroes, must travel to Earth in order to gain the power they need to end the war and save their home.


The RED Metaverse is positioned as one of the key future components of the RED platform.

Tokyo eSports Gateway has partnered with JP Games, a company with deep experience in building virtual worlds, to create a metaverse space unlike anything seen before for the RED project.


RED TOKYO TOWER produced by Tokyo eSports Gateway and which opened on April 20, 2022 - is the beating heart of the project in the real world. It is is the largest esports park in Japan, occupying approximately 5660㎡ of the Foot Town facility and is located. directly below Tokyo Tower. The complex is expected to attract approximately 800,000 visitors annually.

RED TOKYO TOWER is based on the concept of "providing entertainment experiences of another dimension," and is packed with fun in every aspect, from playing the latest game titles to enjoying competitions and events in a stadium equipped with the world's most advanced XR technology.

In addition to RED TOKYO TOWER, TEG has opened the RED E-SAUNA in Ueno and has plans to expand the project to airports and major cities around Japan.