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Tokyo eSports Gate Forms Partnership With SUPER FORMULA, Japan’s Premier Formula Racing Series!

August 17, 2022, Tokyo eSports Gate Inc., (TEG), is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of an official partnership with SUPER FORMULA, Japan’s top Formula Car Racing Series.

The partnership marks the start of a new initiative across esports and real motorsports to better support E-MOTOR (racing game) players and racers, and offer fans a new experience!

Starting with TEG’s RED° TOKYO TOWER, RED° will provide next generation entertainment centered around esports in the metaverse, and through collaboration with SUPER FORMULA, Japan’s preeminent formula racing series held by Japan Race Promotion Inc., (JRP), will work to seamlessly link E-MOTOR racing and real motor sports.

■ Initiatives for Racers, E-MOTOR Players, and Fans
Provide professional racers and aspiring racers with opportunities to train in E-MOTOR racing simulators, encourage communication with fans, and create a place where everyone can engage with E-MOTOR racing.

For E-MOTOR players – provide opportunities with E-MOTOR training, events, tournaments and more, as well as chances to participate in real motorsports.

For motorsports fans – provide a place where they can further support and interact with racers, e-motor players, and teams by connecting real facilities such as racing circuits and RED° TOKYO TOWER with the metaverse.

■ Specific initiatives at RED°TOKYO TOWER

The RED° E-MOTOR SPORTS AREA, located on the 5th floor of RED° TOKYO TOWER, will function as a center to attract new fans to SUPER FORMULA and motorsports as a whole, providing thrilling experiences with various racing simulators. The venue’s various racing simulators will be utilized to provide a wide range of people, from children to adults, with opportunities to experience sports driving and coaching.

21 SUPER FORMULA drivers, the top athletes in the domestic motorsports world, will be given “Ambassador Passes” that will allow them to casually enter RED° TOKYO TOWER at any time. On top of appearances at official events, this effort makes it possible for teams and drivers to hold casual events, lessons and more, boosting interaction with fans.

■ First collaborative event to be held Tuesday, September 20th!

The first of many collaborative events, “SUPER FORMULA Retrospective with SFgo” will be held on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. In addition to a public viewing of official footage, the event will feature on-board footage from the SFgo digital platform currently in development by JRP, chances to watch races with live commentary from SF Drivers, as well as virtual races that SF drivers and visitors can enjoy together.

At the event, representatives from both parties will present their vision for the future of the partnership and propose new ways to enjoy motorsports and E-MOTOR racing, utilizing actual video and driving data from real motorsports and E-MOTOR.


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SUPER FORMULA Retrospective with SFgo Event Overview

Date/TimeSeptember 20, 2022 6:30PM ~ 9:00PM
4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Schedule6:30PM ~ 7:00PM ① RED° TOKYO TOWER × SUPER FORMULA Partnership Talk Session

7:00PM ~ 8:00PM ② SUPER FORMULA Retrospective – Public Viewing (Round 6 – Fuji Speedway)

8:00PM ~ 9:00PM ③ e-Motorsports Exhibition Race
Guests・Ritomo Miyata (Kuo VANTELIN TEAM TOM’S)
・Tokyo eSports Gate Inc. – President and CEO: Yasuo Hara
・Japan Race Promotion Inc. – President and CEO: Yoshihisa Ueno
・Host: Pierre Kitagawa
(Tax included)
Visitors may participate in the event with purchase of regular admission to RED° TOKYO TOWER.
・ RED° Passport (all day): 2,500 yen (Adults)
・ Night Passport (after 5PM): 1,300 yen (Adults)

*The above prices are based on advance reservations made via the website (an additional 200 yen is charged for tickets purchased at the ticket counter).
Special seats are available for the first 15 visitors to arrive to see the show! Click here to purchase tickets>>> https://tokyotower.red-brand.jp/tickets/