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Tokyo eSports Gate and Japanese NFT Gaming Guild, Samurai Guild Games Form Partnership to Promote Esports Players and Open the Door for New Players

Tokyo eSports Gate, Inc., the developer behind the RED° Brand real-world facilities and the upcoming metaverse, has struck a partnership with Samurai Guild Games (SamuraiGG), a Japanese NFT game guild cultivated and operated by XCREATION Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo / CEO: Masahiro Kawakami).

■ Project Overview
Forming the next generation of esports/entertainment culture through player development and expansion. RED°, operator of the largest esports park in Japan, RED° TOKYO TOWER, and SamuraiGG, whose mission is “Play, Earn, Learn, Create”, have joined forces to nurture and elevate esports players and expand the player population in Japan. The new partners will use RED° TOKYO TOWER to its maximum potential to further SamuraiGG’s “Education” and “GamiFi” services in order to lower the hurdle of entry into esports on all fronts.

More specifically, SamuraiGG will hold tournaments for its affiliated game titles, as well as talks and symposiums on games, NFTs, web3, and other topics aimed at improving IT literacy.

In addition, events will be regularly held utilizing RED TOKEN, the next generation entertainment currency issued by FIDA Inc., (Headquarters: Tokyo / President: Yasuo Hara), that will circulate within the RED° economy. With these regular events, the partners aim to create a buzz around the gaming and esports world, deliver knowledge and information, and expand the gaming and esports industry.

In the future, the two companies will develop initiatives not only at real facilities, but in the metaverse in order to usher in a new era of gaming culture where not just a select few esports players can win prize money at tournaments, but many players from around the world can be active and take home prizes.

■ About Samurai Guild Games
Samurai Guild Games (Samurai GG) is a gaming organization born in Japan. The language barrier and lack of knowledge about NFT, blockchain, etc. are the main reasons why few Japanese people are interested in participating in NFT games, (GameFi), where money can be earned by playing games and acquiring characters and items. To lower these barriers to entry and allow everyone to participate in GameFi, Samurai GG was founded on the two main pillars of Education and GameFi, with a mission of “Play, Earn, Learn, Create”.

Through efforts in education in the rapidly growing NFT industry, SamuraiGG provides guild members with the latest information and technology necessary to play and earn while enjoying the game.

In addition, Samurai GG promotes the concept of “Learn To Earn” by developing its own educational content in order to raise the next generation of leaders who will be active in the web3 industry in Japan.
Through cooperation with game companies, SamuraiGG trains creators in the guild and contributes to the growth of game development and culture, as well as planning events at the GG Shibuya Mobile esports cafe & bar to increase membership of the esports community and realize the vision of “Play To Earn” for all players, not just top players.

By removing the obstacles of entry and bridging the game world and the real world, Samurai Guild Games aims to create a world where anyone can join in GameFi and to create exciting choices in the lives of guild members.

【Twitter】  @SamuraiGuildNFT
【HP】    https://www.samuraiguild.games/
【Discord】  https://discord.gg/VJ8bCruVFJ

■Company Information(XCREATION Co., Ltd.)
Company Name: XCREATION Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Masahiro Kawakami

(Headquarters) Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo 105-0001
(Jimbocho Office) 2F Sengokuya Building, 1-18-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
(Shibuya Office) Laugh Out, 1-7-8 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041

Business Description: Blockchain-related business

Official Website: https://xcreation.co.jp/