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RED WALLET, the official wallet of RED TOKEN, will be released soon

Tokyo eSports Gate, Inc. (”TEG”)  will soon release “RED WALLET,” an official wallet that can be used with RED TOKEN and other crypto currencies.

RED TOKEN is a token for the “RED°” brand, which provides next-generation entertainment such as esports by combining real-life facilities (RED° TOKYO TOWER, etc.) located inside Tokyo Tower and a world-class Metaverse created with FINAL FANTASY XV producer Tabata Hajime.

The RED Wallet will allow users to acquire, exchange, and consume RED TOKENs using blockchain technology, which will be used as a “next-generation entertainment experience currency”. Based on engagement, it will enable users to encounter new friends, teammates and brand new content and experiences.

* Please note that in countries where the cryptocurrency exchanges handling RED TOKEN are not registered as a cryptocurrency service provider, the aforementioned exchanges cannot be used by residents of that country.

■ Features of RED WALLET
As a full-fledged blockchain platform, RED WALLET offers a smooth multi-chain experience and tokens across different blockchains can be managed in it. NFC (Near Field Communication) accessories can also be used.

Multi-Chain support ( RED, ETH, BNB, FTM, MATIC, AVAX, ONE, HECO, TOMO)
RED WALLET employs the latest technology, Wallet Connect, which allows simultaneous connection between different supported chains by simply connecting to one blockchain.

Easy to send receive and manage tokens
Users can manage, send, and receive tokens easily and instantly on any supported chain in a few simple steps.

Secure and Advanced Backups
RED WALLET creates secure backup files of all imported wallets at once, which are then highly secured with custom passwords.

NFC Support
RED WALLET is NFC-enabled and can accept NFTs and tokens from NFC key cards, NFC tags, and other NFC accessories.

The RED TOKEN ECONOMY PROJECT aims to create a new esports/entertainment economy (token economy) in the Metaverse and in RED° TOKYO TOWER by utilizing RED tokens at the core of the platform.

At the core of this project is the “Heat of Play” of all stakeholders operating within the RED TOKEN ECONOMY. We are considering recording and collecting each action through the blockchain and providing fair rewards based on performance and individual contributions. We aim to create an environment where the RED TOKEN ECONOMY is nurtured by the users where they can enjoy special experiences and interactions with other users.

RED TOKEN Official site:https://red-token.io/
White paper :https://red-token.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/red-token-whitepaper-en-1.pdf
Twitter(EN) account:https://twitter.com/red_token_tokyo
Twitter(JP) account:https://twitter.com/economy_red_jp
Discord account:https://discord.gg/sWSuaa8V
Medium account:https://medium.com/@red-token
Note account:https://note.com/economy_red