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RED TOKEN is now listed on the international crypto asset exchanges. RED TOKEN will be listed on Bitget, BKEX, and Phemex !

FIDA Corporation (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yasuo Hara, President & CEO; hereinafter “FIDA”). RED TOKEN ECONOMY PROJECT, is working to provide next-generation entertainment experiences utilizing the latest technologies such as NFTs and Metaverse. RED TOKEN (ticker code “RED “*), a crypto asset managed by FIDA has been listed on MEXC Global, AAX, BingX, Gate.io, BitMart, KuCoin, Coinstore, LBank and XT.com and most recently Bitget, an exchange which features innovative products and social trading services, BKEX, which serves over 8 million users, and Phemex, which is operated by a founding team with hands-on experience on Wall Street.

For Gate.io only, the ticker code is “RED TOKEN”.

RED TOKEN is a token for the “RED°” brand, which provides next-generation entertainment such as esports by combining real facilities (RED° TOKYO TOWER, etc.) centered on the Tokyo Tower with the Metaverse. RED tokens, which utilize blockchain technology, are acquired, exchanged, and consumed by users through play, and the amount of enthusiasm for play is visualized and circulated with the aim of serving as a “next-generation entertainment experience currency”. The goal is to use RED Tokens and enable users to encounter new friends, join communities and discover content.

FIDA will manage the RED tokens, while Tokyo eSports Gate Corporation, the company behind RED°, will develop the real facilities and Metaverse, as well as handle the actual token operations.

RED tokens will be made available to users around the world for use in RED°-branded real-world facilities and in the metaverse through local exchanges that will allow direct trading with local legal tender. We look forward to expanding our alliance partners as we work to create even more enthusiasm around the world for the RED token economy as a platform for a variety of economic activities.

 ”Bitget”, “BKEX”, and “Phemex” are not registered as crypto asset exchangers in Japan, and Japanese residents are not allowed to conduct transactions through “Bitget”, “BKEX”, and “Phemex”.