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FIDA Inc.’s RED TOKEN to be Listed on AAX and BingX!

FIDA Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo / President: Yasuo Hara), is proud to announce that its newly issued cryptocurrency RED TOKEN, (ticker symbol: RED), will officially be listed on two more cryptocurrency exchanges: AAX and BingX. With token issuance as its primary business, the listings come as fantastic news for FIDA, whose goal is to provide next generation entertainment experiences utilizing the latest NFT and metaverse technologies.

Both trusted global exchanges, AAX utilizes the London Stock Exchange’s matching engine, putting reliability as its highest priority, and BingX supports derivatives and copy trading.

RED TOKEN is a token for the RED° brand, which provides next-generation entertainment such as esports by combining real-life facilities (RED° TOKYO TOWER, etc.) and a world-class Metaverse.

Utilizing blockchain technology, users will acquire, exchange, and consume RED TOKENs entirely through play, creating a next generation entertainment currency. Based on engagement, it will enable users to encounter new friends, teammates and brand new content and experiences.

FIDA will be driving the token issuance and management of RED TOKEN, while Tokyo eSports Gate Inc., the company behind the RED° brand, is slated to handle the development of the real-world facilities and the metaverse.

AAX and BingX each have a large number of users in their respective regions of the world. By enabling direct transactions of RED TOKEN in each of the world’s regions and legal currencies, RED° is poised to attract global participation in the RED TOKEN ECONOMY, where users around the world will be able spend their RED TOKENs in real life at RED° branded facilities and digitally in the metaverse.

We will continue to expand our alliance of partners to establish a worldwide community and create a buzz around the RED TOKEN ECONOMY as a platform for trading and exchanging next generation entertainment experiences. Please stay tuned for further developments. 

*Please note that AAX, and BingX are not registered as cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, and Japanese residents are not allowed to conduct transactions on the aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges.

About AAX
AAX is a virtual currency exchange founded in 2018 with its headquarters located in Malta. It is the world’s first digital asset exchange powered by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) technology, offering high performance and reliability thanks to LSEG’s robust and scalable technology.AAX

AAX Official Website: https://www.aax.com/

About BingX

BingX allows trading derivatives on crypto assets and copy trading where you can copy other traders’ trading methods. In addition to crypto assets, BingX also supports futures commodities, stock indices, and FX.
BingX Official Website: https://bingx.com/


RED TOKEN is a Next Generation Entertainment Currency that utilizes blockchain technology and circulates through RED° brand services like RED° Tokyo Tower and the metaverse. Our purpose is to build a RED TOKEN ECONOMY, enabling Web3 with RED TOKEN.

RED TOKEN Official Website: https://red-token.io/
White Paper Link: https://red-token.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/red-token-whitepaper-en-1.pdf
Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/red_token_tokyo
Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/economy_red_jp
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ny78b2nz9p
Telegram: https://t.me/RED_TOKEN_global
Medium (English): https://medium.com/
Note (Japanese): https://note.com/economy_red