World Story

Long ago, the Creator Goddess, Elle, made the Earth from the Sun and Moon and bestowed it with life. 

The first to be created were Elle’s Children, a beautiful race that knows neither sickness nor death.

Next was the race of beasts.Vigorous and fertile, they quickly multiplied and brought about the cycle of life on Earth.

Lastly was a man. Though having short lives, they were gifted with great intelligence. 

For a long time, all the races lived together in peace.

But over time, humans gained more knowledge, hunted beasts,and came to believe that they were the highest forms of life on the planet.

The Lord of the Underworld saw this and laughed. To punish humans for their hubris, he created Yokai, supernatural monsters made from the ugliness inside mankind’s heart.

Then, disguising himself as a human, the Lord of the Underworld whispered into the ear of man that they did not need any other races and that they were the true owners of the planet.

To further corrupt Elle’s creation, the Lord of the Underworld began to kidnap and torture Elle’s Children, conducting horrific scientific experiments.

Sensing the growing evil, Elle swept the Children away to the moon, where they started a new life.

Thus, the races were separated on the Earth and the Moon. 



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Kaguya’s People

The Moon Kingdom is inhabited by the Luna, an immortal and beautiful race made by the Creator Goddess.

Physically stronger than humans, they can never physically tire, are immune to disease and have keen senses; particularly vision and hearing. They have no natural life span and can only perish by two means: physical destruction, or growing weary of living and choosing to die. Highly intelligent, they have a low fertility rate and no desire to increase their numbers.

The Creator Goddess placed a barrier around the Moon Kingdom hiding it from the view of humans. Although the Moon appears barren, it is in fact a thriving civilization, with water, greenery, and life. 

5,800 of Elle’s Children came to the Moon from Earth, but many have been captured by the giants and turned into giants themselves.


Princess and symbol of the Moon Kingdom. Long ago, she once traveled to Earth and lived among humans, coming to know both their beauty and their ugliness. She was the first of her kind who wished to live on Earth and become mortal.

Special Forces:

A military force assembled to fight against the giants. They fight with both weapons and an energy that comes from inside their bodies similar to ninjutsu.


The five most powerful members of the special forces.To save Princess Kaguya, they travel to Earth to recruit the help of powerful warriors.



Giants are the result of the cruel experiments conducted on Kaguya’s people by the Lord of the Underworld.

Enormous, ugly and brutish, they have low fertility and seldom reproduce.

They eat their food raw, often while it is still alive, and even cannibalize their own kind.

The first experiments done to create giants failed. The first giants ever created quickly rotted away and died, but the Lord of the Underworld persisted, and eventually succeeded in making physically stable giants.

The last of Kaguya’s people to be captured and transformed were Breath and the nine kings, once highly respected leaders of the Moon Kingdom.

With intelligence and beauty uncharacteristic of other giants, Breath united the 9 kings and brought the Giant Kingdom under his control, becoming King Breath the Tyrant.

Now king, Breath seeks to rule over the entire Moon and invades the Moon Kingdom.


Kaguya’s People

One of the species of beasts made by the Creator Goddess. Originally worshiped as gods, as the knowledge and technology of humans advanced, humans began to hunt dragons, almost to the brink of extinction. The few that remained fled to the far corners of the earth.

The few dragons that survived replenished their numbers and strengthened themselves, becoming invulnerable to human weapons.They returned to exact revenge on mankind and take control of Earth.


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Ragi: The Dragon King

A cunning, powerful and greedy dragon. He breathes blue fire and his words have a hypnotic effect. Long ago, he lived in harmony with humans, but when the humans began hunting dragons, his persecution turned to hatred.

The Yokai

A race of supernatural monsters created by the Lord of the Underworld from the ugliness inside of mankind’s heart. They have a deep, burning hatred of humans. 

Like Dragons, yokai can only be vanquished by those who are able to use magic. The battle between humans and Yokai rages on to this day.

Setting: The story of RED° SQUAD is set in Tokyo. The symbol of the city is Tokyo Tower, a giant tower floating in the sky.