On The Moon

In the not so distant future, there were two great kingdoms. The Moon Kingdom, a peaceful race of 5,555 people, ruled over by the beautiful Princess Kaguya and...

The Giant Kingdom, a race of 300 gigantic titans who sought to conquer the Moon with their tremendous size and power.

One day, the giants invaded the Moon Kingdom, took princess Kaguya captive and seized control of the Moon.

Tears falling from her face, Kaguya whispered, 

“Help me…”

The Moon began to glow in a strange white light.

Five mysterious figures descended from the Moon and landed on Earth – an elite unit known as the RED°SQUAD.

Their mission: to gather powerful warriors to defeat the giants, rescue Princess Kaguya and take back the Moon.

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The sky was ruled by 100 dragons, led by the Dragon King, Ragi. 

But the dragons wanted to rule over the land as well, and the firepower of mankind was no match for them. One by one, cities began to fall to the dragons’ flame

Yet there were those who resisted – bands of powerful warriors with supernatural abilities known as Shadow Hunters.

The four main clans of Shadow Hunters were:

Kamui in the north,

Ark in the south,

Tri Dragon in the east, 

and Roku in the west.

With the arrival of the RED°SQUAD on Earth, a new flame is ignited in the war against the dragons.