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Tokyo eSports Gate launches “NEXT JAPAN Project” – RED° TOKYO TOWER to showcase “NEXT JAPAN Contents” to the world.

RED° TOKYO TOWER” will be opened as a gateway for the next generation of Japanese creators of games, manga, anime, VTubers, art, etc. to enter the global market. Tokyo eSports Gate Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yasuo Hara, President; hereinafter “TEG”) is developing a diversified business in the esports/entertainment field based in Tokyo Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in Japan.  The next generation entertainment park “RED゜ TOKYO TOWER”, which is located in the Tokyo Tower and visited by people of various nationalities including inbound visitors, is open to creators of games, manga, anime, VTuber, art, etc., who will lead the next generation of Japanese creators, and will support the global expansion of Japanese creators.

Providing opportunities for the next generation of entertainment creators

While global demand for Japanese games, manga, anime, VTubers, art, and other content is extremely high, we believe that Japanese creators still lack opportunities to create content suited to global tastes and gain recognition.  In order to solve these issues, TEG will open “RED° TOKYO TOWER,” a Japanese landmark that is visited not only by Japanese but also by many foreign visitors coming to Japan to provide Japanese creators with the opportunities to connect with fans from around the world. This will support the next generation of Japanese creators and IP contents to be disseminated to the global audience.

RED゜TOKYO TOWER space is offered to NFT art creators.

The exhibition will be held in the theme park, providing visitors who are new to NFT art, as well as foreign visitors to Japan, with an opportunity to experience NFT art in a familiar setting. Participating creators This time, 9 creators, who were invited from the public, are scheduled to participate in the exhibition. We hope you will experience the works of creators who have different concepts and methods of expression. Exhibition Outline and Details Event Name :RED゜TOKYO TOWER NFT ART Exhibition