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Huobi Reborn: Friends, Change, and Creation Event Report

Huobi, the world’s leading crypto asset trading platform, held a community event at RED° TOKYO TOWER, one of the largest eSports parks in Japan, on October 28, 2022.

Roy Zhu shares insights on rebuilding Japan’s economy with blockchain

Roy Zhu, CEO of Huobi, took the stage at the beginning of the event. Huobi is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but also contributes to the development of a global ecosystem of blockchain businesses spanning digital asset trading, financial derivative products, research, investment, project incubation, and more. He shared his insights on how blockchain will reshape the Japanese economy to the more than 400 participants gathered at the event. 

Huobi CEO,Roy

Active community exchange meetings
Lively community social event

In the latter half of the event, a raffle and social events were held, with tickets to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and other prizes. The social event was held in conjunction with the RED° TOKYO TOWER café bar, where light meals, soft drinks, sparkling wine, and other alcoholic beverages were served free of charge, and community members engaged in lively meet-ups not only at the main venue, but also at the adjacent café bar area.

3F Entrance(L)、3F Lounge & LED screen(R)

The event was held at RED° TOKYO TOWER
A state-of-the-art digital facility that offers next-generation entertainment experiences, located directly inside of Tokyo Tower, an icon of Tokyo, Japan, and suitable location for cutting-edge blockchain content.

The main venue was the SKY STADIUM, equipped with “4-sided LED” and “XR system” as well as “3D sound”. In addition, LEDs and projectors in the adjacent cafe-bar, RED° TOKYO TOWER, were also utilized to liven up the event.


RED° TOKYO TOWER Contact for event use
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